Release Notes for Version 3.0.0

What’s New:

  • Site Design: Brand new theme that also supports light & dark modes on both desktop and mobile. Extremely simplistic and aesthetically pleasing new UI/UX.
  • Social Page: All social media links are now hosted in-house eliminating the need for a third-party website such as
  • Home Page: Cleaned up the landing page content and moved navigation links to the footer putting content front and center.
  • Navigation: More easily organized in the footer section of the website.
  • Blog: A more streamlined look at all of the lastest posts.
  • Sharing: You can now like and share blog posts and images from the AI gallery to your favorite sites!
  • Security: Security has been beefed up on the backend to protect all user data. All new features to serve and protect!
  • Locked Away: Page has been enhanced with a synopsis of the book, along with pricing data, and a link to all of the available storefronts.
  • AI Art Gallery: Page has been enhanced with links to each gallery which have also been updated to the latest version to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Contact: Overhauled with a new experience! A brand new form type has been introduced and direct email has been removed to prevent scraping and spam.
  • Tips and Donations: Page is now directly accessible! As another adjustment, it is no longer possible to send donations via crypto or Apple Pay Cash. You can still send through PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App!
  • Mastodon: Find this blog on Mastodon! – @blog
  • PWA: The site can be installed as its own web app (or PWA)!
  • Push Notifications: Get notified when a new blog post is pushed! Subscribe to push notifications from within the web app or your web browser!

What’s Fixed:

  • Privacy Policy: Updated verbiage.
  • GDPR: Site has been updated to be compliant with GDPR in the EU.
  • Speed Performance: Some changes were made on the backend to more efficiently serve content to the end user.

What’s Coming:

  • iOS Shortcuts: Self-Hosted iOS Shortcuts! This page will also link to all the same shortcuts available on RoutineHub. Coming soon…!
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